Pre Race Information

Start Times & Prize Giving

All the below information is in the Race Day Information Pack here apart from Toilets and Parking which on the Race Village Map

Race Location: Bright Brewery.
All races are Saturday 1st September 2018

08.00 - 50km (min age 18 Years plus)
10.30 - 5/10/25km (5km - 11 years/10km - 15 Years plus/25km - 17 Years plus
15.00 - Bright 1km (3 Years old plus)
Prize Giving: 
5/10km - 12.30
25km - 14.00
50km - 20.00
Yes, obviously you can have your prize beforehand and I'm happy to post prizes out etc.

Time Limits

50km - 12 hours. Cut off at 30km at 15.00 (7 hours).
All other races - no cut off times.

Parking and Toilets

Mandatory Gear?

Aid Sations?

See Race Village Map (on its way). There are several small car parks all around Bright. Howett Park, Centenery park. 

50km - Yes. See Race Day Instructions. Full DQ if not carrying
25 km - Yes. See Race Day Instructions. Full DQ if not carrying
5k/10km - None

50km - 13/30/38/47 km (also timing points)
25km - 5/13/23km
10km - 5km
5km - none